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What does the cross mean to you??? Seriously though...post it here... ...

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DNOW 15 Prayer Guide

Pray that people would be saved
Students – Saved and Lost
That the students that are supposed to be at DNOW would be here
Leaders of Seventy One
Leaders of Small Groups
Cliff Jordan the speaker as he prepares and speaks
The Gospel would be clear
Host Homes for health, safety, and love
Students would feel safe
People attending the Big Group Sessions
Students would have a desire to listen to God
For strength of students
For courage of students
That students would want accountability
For obedience
Changed lives

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Disciple Now this weekend at MBC...For Grades 6-12...Looking forward to an awesome time with students. If you or your student wants to be part of this please contact Pastor Chris 434-941-7459...Cost is $40 but cost is less if you bring a friend. Please be praying for the weekend. ...

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