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Update on Zeke.Goodmorning all! As most know Zeke has had fevers for close to a week now. Friday he got CT scans since his cultures continued to come back negative (for bacterial infections). We learned Friday evening that Zeke has Typhlitis. Typhlitis is inflammation of part of the large intestines know as the cecum. It’s a complication of both chemotherapy and long term neutropenia. While inflammation doesn’t sound too bad it is actually a pretty serious occurrence. Doctors are pretty sure and hopeful that he has a mild case and think it was caught early. He is on numerous IV meds for it as well as bowel rest. He can’t eat or drink as anything in him can really make the Typhlitis angry. Typhlitis can be extremely serious but we do think he is in a good spot right now.

We would love for you all to pray with us....
* Pray he does respond to meds and does not worsen
* Pray that he wouldn’t have to get this tube that goes down his throat into his intestines to suction off any secretions
* Pray this doesn’t add complications to transplant
* Pray it wouldn’t occur again at transplant

PRAISE that so far he actually has felt much better from earlier in the week!!

Thank you all!
#prayforzeke #zekestrong

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