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Awana Update

Do YOU miss going to Awana?  We are missing YOU and we don’t want YOU to get behind in your work, so we have a PLAN!!!

The best method for learning is getting in a routine.  Set a time, everyday, for diving into Awana. Maybe that is first thing in the morning OR possibly incorporate it into your school work OR right before dinner…figure out your new routine.

Grab the book, review the material and the verse.  Work together learning the verse and completing any sections. 

Once you are ready, turn on the video camera from your parents cellphone, and have your parent record YOU saying the verse…BE CREATIVE…don’t just stand there looking in the camera (e.g. do jumping jacks, stand on your head, put it to a beat and rap it out, etc.)  Adding creativity instills hiding the Word in your heart.

Once your video is done, send it to your leader and he/she will sign you off!  If you don’t have your leader’s contact info, please contact Donna Whitlow (Awana Commander) at 434-660-6578. If you don’t have your book we will be happy to get you one from church and meet you.

So, set your routine of diving into Awana, do the book work and learn the verse, record saying the verse creatively, and text it to your leader.  Who knows…you might end up on a highlight reel.

What Is Awana?

Awana is an exciting and fun club for kids age 2 through high school senior, where clubbers play games, learn to hide the Word of God in their hearts, and are taught Bible lessons.  Theme nights and events add even more fun and excitement to the program.  Join us beginning Sunday, September 8 for check-in at 5:15 and club start at 5:30pm, lasting until 7pm.

When Does Awana Meet?

Sundays from Sept. 8th, 2019 – May 10, 2020 from 5:15-7:00pm